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Governor of Tivoli, Senator one of five greatest Senators ; V In his first Encyclicals he summoned all Christians to join the crusade and even negotiated with Alexius III, the Byzantine emperor, trying to persuade him to re-enter the Roman communion and use his troops for the liberation of Palestine.

Accompanied his uncle Prospero in the expeditions against the Orsini in ; and, allied with the Spanish, against the French in Barletta, Cerignola and Garigliano in Administrator of the see of Monreale, December 14, until his death.

During the pontificate of the new Pope Adrian VI, the cardinal proposed a plan to reform the church and eradicate abuses 2.

Meanwhile, the Venetians reserved to themselves the ports of Thrace, the Peloponnesus, and the islands. Today these areas are still called Kiskunsag and Nagykunsag.

In John Comnenus, Emperor of Constantinopleappeared before Antioch with an army, and compelled Prince Raymond to do him homage.

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Aba Samuel ruthlessly destroyed the rebellion. Studied in Bologna no further educational information found. Initial studies in Pavia. Prince Almos and his followers escaped to the Byzantian Empire.

Bela organized a Hungarian Crusading army but he died suddenly. Secretary of State; 13th U. In spite of this, Colonna tried to paliate the damage of the sack of Rome, providing asylum in his palace of the chancery for as many as he could and obtaining the freedom of hostages, among them the future Pope Julius III.

Senator; Minister to Russia; 17th U. He was considered one of the best canonists in Europe. Named bishop of Sovana, February 6, ; occupied the see until his death. The Hungarians allowed them deep into the country without battle, but cut-off all supplies in front and behind the invaders.

Giuliano Cesarini Cardinale (n. Roma - m. presso Varna ). Insegnò diritto canonico a Padova, e fu nominato cardinale nel da Martino V. Legato apostolico della Crociata contro gli ussiti, fu uno dei personaggi più in vista nel concilio di Basilea, e poi, essendone il presidente, in quello di Ferrara (o di nepotismo Tendenza dei.

SEA-GOD or SEA (see also GOD). Nereus `Geras' the SEA-GOD; Phorcus the TITAN; aka Phorkys (Phorcys) the SEA-GOD; (eponym & progenitor of the Phorcydes) ; Phorcus the TITAN [alt ped]; aka Phorkys (Phorcys) the SEA-GOD Proteus the SEA-GOD; aka `Old Man of the Sea' ; Thalassa (PRIMORDIAL Goddess of the SEA); (Thalatta, poss.

Wir haben am Samstag, 1. April, bei der heurigen Frühjahrskonzertwertung in der Stufe „E“ teilgenommen und freuen uns über unser Abschneiden: Das Wertungsrichterkollegium hat uns ,70 Punkte zugesprochen. The Crusades were expeditions undertaken, in fulfilment of a solemn vow, to deliver the Holy Places from Mohammedan tyranny.

The origin of the word may be traced to the cross made of cloth and worn as a badge on the outer garment of those who took part in these enterprises.

Medieval writers use the terms crux (pro cruce transmarina, Charter ofcited by Du Cange s.v.

Gerardo Martino

crux), croisement. Recent Examples on the Web.


Others foreshadow the metafictional techniques that Jorge Luis Borges would immortalize. — Sam Sacks, WSJ, "Fiction: The Ungraspable ‘Miracle’ of Machado de Assis," 28 June The Thai navy SEALs — along with the international team of divers who traveled to Mae Sai, the town nearest the cavern, to help — have quickly become immortalized as modern-day.

Po smrti krále Václava IV. v roce měl podle práva nastoupit na trůn jeho nevlastní bratr Zikmund douglasishere.comřená situace v Čechách však vedla k tomu, že se většina národa postavila proti Zikmundově nástupu na trůn.

Zejména byla Zikmundovi neprávem dávána vina za upálení mistra Jana Husa.Už za probíhajícího kostnického .

Cesarini v
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