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And tell you what to write and where to write it.

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People are always asking me questions about how I add certain visual elements to my Sales Letters Well, many do take that chance Of course you could Breaking copy down into "bite sized chunks" to ensure you always cover those crucial spots, to prevent that dreaded "what do I write now" feeling, to speed up the entire copywriting process, to get high conversions on the first try, and to make testing copy a BREEZE Well, these bad boys link to legal documents that are required on your web sites by the FTC I understand that by taking action right now I am securing my own copy of the complete Chunk Copy course, possibly the best copywriting course online today.

So he offers you copy with and without "sass. Here's the bottom line: I learned everything I could ever need in that three hour presentation. Now admittedly such a tone may not be for everyone or every product, and that's why John provides a menu of styles and voices for his copywriting services.

Each month you get at least 2 top-secret recon files where I take a top ClickBank seller and break down what they're doing right.

LESSON #52: Outsourcing Copywriting

Some people prefer a structured classroom while others prefer taking self-paced online courses. If you're after some kind of magic bullet then this is NOT for you because Mike doesn't operate that way. I had ten pages of hastily scribbled notes at the end, it was past midnight, and I wanted more.

And, if that's not enough -- there's also absolutely no risk. But -- the bonuses truly complete the course. In fact… they're the same "secret weapons" I use to keep my copywriting calendar packed full of clients eager to pay me lucrative fees for writing their copy.

But here's the good news: You'll be forced to travel without guide or compass. Now there are a huge number of resources out there that will show you how to build a squeeze page and even software that will do it for you in a kind of question and answer way - fill out the blanks and boxes and 'lo and behold', you get yourself a squeeze page.

This product comes with a no-questions- asked Money-Back Guarantee. And thats just to create ONE squeeze page. So he offers you copy with and without "sass. Now, you can get compliant and feel secure, knowing that you have legal forms, originally drafted by an attorney for your use.

In each recon file, I'll break down what they're doing right. How would you like to have lessons from a master that will build you a massive list. Sadly, such squeeze pages don't do the job. Mike has really spent a lot of time on this, polished it, and made it gorgeous.

Getting access to this type of sales-increasing weapon is a game changer. John Hostlers Squeezepage All pages: Every single one of them. So, when you want to achieve the optimal buyer value for your offer syour funnel is one of the first places to look. But NOW the answer is at hand.

LESSON #52: Outsourcing Copywriting

You are going look over the master's shoulders while he works. If you are struggling with acquiring new accounts or lowering your existing customer churn, we can show you how to improve your Sales performance and your results.

And you won't have to spend a lot of your time trying to find the right answers… because you can use the answers I've already discovered and share inside CB Recon every month. If you need an experienced word slinger to get your offer converting, we should talk.

One way will lead you through uncharted territory. Open the door to increased profits - after all the money IS in the list. Some of them may be from other niches. Just the very best ClickBank marketing tips, tactics, and techniques that you can use in your own growing internet empire.

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Break those long term habits that provide zero return. It's the way I've personally mapped out. Steven always produces excellent quality work, on time, and within budget. Getting to the top of ClickBank hill doesn't happen by sheer luck.

You know those links you see at the bottom of most web pages I break them out into bite sized "chunks"!. John Hostlers Squeeze Page. Instant Download. Price: USD. and thats why John provides a menu of styles and voices for his copywriting services.

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As a pitch guy John understands that the tone of your sales copy has to be appropriate for your audience. So he offers you copy with and without sass. John Hostler, even when running one. My name is John Hostler and I am a full time Internet entrepreneur, copywriter and marketing geek that actually enjoys pouring through client split test data and sales funnels to find those missing (but crucial) pieces of the puzzle that are going to quickly increase your sales.

There are 9 individuals that go by the name of John Hostler. These individuals collectively are associated with 8 companies in 10 cities.

The cities are Blunt SD, Crestwood MO, Gilberts IL, Martinsburg WV, New Park PA, Orland Park IL, St Louis MO, St. Louis MO, Sycamore IL, and Tuckasegee NC. John Hostler's Squeeze Page Multimedia CD it's a web-page that encourages people to give you their name and email address sometimes in exchange for a report or something.

and that's why John provides a menu of styles and voices for his copywriting services. I'd expect nothing less from a copywriter. And while it's not a copywriting course per say, it should give people a good insight into what makes a great sales letter.

It's only one piece of the launch process but an important one. Maybe the most important. All in all, the PDF I. No experienced copywriter offering their services for just $47 can do their clients products the justice they deserve - period.

I have used and paid for experienced copywriters in the past, people like Michel Fortin and John Hostler, and yes, there work is well worth the money I paid.

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