Online consumer behavior an exploratory study

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For example, it has been established that Internet shoppers are more convenience seekers, innovative, impulsive, variety seekers, less risk averse, and also less brand and price conscious than non Internet shoppers are.

Journal of Markting,7 1Srinivasan,R. The online reviews can be divided into four categories. In fact Smith t al. Characteristics of the Service User In addition to the characteristics of the technology used to support the service, online service expectations also depend on the individual, on his or her perception of and relationship with the brand, and on the influence exerted on him or her by the environment.

For the subjective norm to be positive, the individual has to perceive that his or her reference group approves of the behavior Bhatti, This condition was predetermined by the research objective.

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Roberts and Dowling indicate that a good reputation generates positive outcomes for an organization, influencing its survival and financial performance.

The more experience an individual has with a brand or product, the greater his or her degree of familiarity with it becomes. This made it possible to determine whether there was support for the proposed hypotheses based on the significance of the standardized estimated regression coefficients Table 4.

Furthr, only thos variabls ar rtaind whos loadings ar at last. They used the theories of information economics and the framework of decision-making uncertainty. With regard to the drivers of expectations, the results show the importance of the drivers of attitude — perceived usefulness and PEOU — from the TAM Davis,and TRA subjective norm Fishbein and Ajzen,both of which hold that for a technology to be used, individuals must perceive that the benefit of using it outweighs that which they would obtain if they did not use it.

Journal of Markting,69 46 G. The intention to act is considered the best indicator of the behavior, since it is indicative of the effort the individual is willing to make to perform a given action.

This issue is especially important for companies such as insurance companies, which base their innovation strategies on the use of the Internet as a channel for customer relations and dialog PWC, However, over time, certain aspects of the TAM, related to its definition, design, and direction of implementation, have proven limited.

Experience accumulates over time.

The Online Reviews' Effects on Internet Consumer Behavior: An Exploratory Study: /JECO Consumer behaviors have always been the hot spot of the study.

With the arrival of the network age and the popularity of e-commerce, the consumption pattern.

With a quarter of a billion Internet users worldwide and estimates of more than one-half billion people online by the yeargrowth in the online services industry has been exponential.

With this growth has come concern about customer “churn,” a concern that parallels issues of customer switching behavior in services industries in general.

This study indicates that Thai consumers do not behave from the conspicuous perceptions, which has been believed in the Asian context of consumer behavior.

This finding suggests a new paradigm for discussion is required to understand Asian consumer attitudes in more depth especially their perceptions of conspicuous and inconspicuous views.


This exploratory study enabled the assessment of consumer behavior in online environments. Specifically, it looked at the intention to recommend use of an online service from the perspective of the expectations individuals form prior to using the service themselves.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | An Exploratory Study of Factors Affecting Consumer International Online Shopping Behavior | Few studies in the literature on electronic commerce provide empirical. To understand the dimensions of consumer behavior which doing online shopping, this study has been conducted with following particulars: Research Design: The research design is exploratory in nature as it just aims to figure out the main factors which a.

Online consumer behavior an exploratory study
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