Science revision

Energy to include the properties and behaviour of light and sound, renewable energy resources and emerging technologies such as fuel cells. Science also accepts a few Research Articles for online presentation. Please follow our instructions for Preparing an Initial Manuscript.

Unsolicited offers of Reviews are considered. Most metals are good conductors of heat. When the light is above the object, a short shadow is formed eg. Online revision resources To help your GCSE students, here are a few of our favourite online revision resources: There are also two complete papers which do contain some questions that are not on the Year 8 course.

Matters expand when heated and contract when cooled. This applies throughout the evaluation process at Science. Supplementary Material may also be submitted as a single separate file in. Letters are subject to editing for clarity and space.

A statement that none of the material has been published or is under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Introduction to computational thinking

The title of the paper and a statement of its main point. Other items that are required at submission and should be uploaded to the Auxiliary files section are: Do you have any resources to add to the list.

The further the object is to the light, the shadow is smaller and sharper. Matter exists in three states: They include an abstract, an introduction that outlines the main themes, brief subheadings, and an outline of important unresolved questions.

The study of geological activity to include the rock cycle processes, rock formation and weathering. Copies of any relevant MTAs. Written permission from any author who is not an author of your manuscript but whose work is cited as in press.

Our respiratory system, which consists of the nose, windpipe and lungs, helps to take in oxygen from the air. The abstract 60 words or less will be included in the Letters section of the print edition. Research Articles include an abstract, an introduction, up to six figures or tables, sections with brief subheadings, and about 40 references.

Revised GCSE Chemistry and Physics

Green — I can remember these and apply them in the tests; Amber — I am confident about parts, but need improve my responses in tests; Red — I am not at all confident about these sections Secondly Try and distill your classnotes by making revision cards, mindmaps or wall charts Thirdly Test yourself using the online activities below.

Authors should submit video and audio with clearly identifiable accompanying captions and credit information. Khan Academy - With over 3, videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, your GCSE students should be able to find videos on the topics they need.

There are revision tasks as well as test yourself tasks examples below. The study of diet, drugs and disease to include the importance of healthy eating complemented by regular exercise, and the effect of drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and cannabis on mental and physical health.

Please note in your cover letter if reference material or extra data files are included, and your editor will facilitate review as necessary. Pertinent comments on non-technical aspects of a paper should be submitted as eLetters. Light can be reflected.

Digestion is completed here. Cross-review is encouraged, but not required. You may also choose to start a new review process. The 3 ways of making a temporary magnet are: Each video is accompanied by revision notes and more videos are added every week.

Khan Academy - With over 3, videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, your GCSE students should be able to find videos on the topics they need. Video clips should be in. The official publication date of these papers is the date of First Release publication.

In the stomach, the food is mixed with digestive juices and further broken down into soupy liquid. Shape and motion to include pressure effects, linear motion and turning moments.

Search for videos by topic and level. They feed on plants and animals. Resources cover topics in biology, chemistry and physics. We also have resources in applied science and have a lot of ideas to help your students work scientifically. Maths is also a crucial ability in science and we have maths resources to help your students master the skills they need.

Online Virtual School – where learning is fun! Animal and plant cells Science revision games (7A) The following revision games and activities are to help students learning animal cells and plant cells. Teaching and learning resources for primary, KS3, GCSE.

Science Revision Papers for Class 1 to 8 2014

IGCSE and A level. Revision, practise and exam preparation for all levels. Including Letts revision and home learning, books for Scottish education from Leckie & Leckie, and Keen Kite resources for primary schools.

Maths, English and Science resources for KS3 can be found on this Key Stage Three dedicated page. Find free KS3 Maths revision materials today. Footprints-Science have produced hundreds of interactive animations, differentiated revision quizzes and other activities to help students with GCSE science revision and A-level chemistry revision.

This website contains free examples of our interactive slides and quizzes. Revision is the process of revising. More specifically, it may refer to: More specifically, it may refer to: Update, a modification of software or a database.

Science revision
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